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.:the view from heaven:.

.:beats the hell out of mine here:.

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Blonde, loud, spazzy. This is my playground, no one's making you stick around if you don't like it.

Defriending Amnesty: If you want to defriend me for any reason, go right ahead. I don't hate, and I won't cause drama about it (but I may ask you why). People change, interests change. Don't worry about it.

You know how sometimes people like to illustrate their conscience as a little shoulder angel and a little shoulder devil? I've got those. Only the one with the pitchfork answers to "Edward" and the one with the halo answers to "Kenshin." Occasionally, the bastards switch roles and don't warn me. That's just spiteful, man.

A Fullmetal Alchemist Scanned Doujinshi Archive

I am
The Lightning Alchemist
Inazuma no Renkinjutsushi
The Lightning Alchemist
-one of the-

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Have You Taken the Oath?

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